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To Do list made simpler.



Version: 1.0.2B


Release Date: 12-10-2001


Size: 800 KB


Operating System: Windows 95B/98


Requirements: Windows 95B/98


License: Free



          This version fixes the stack overflow issue and other minor bugs. It does not offer any new features.

          Please disable download assistance application such as Gozilla/Getright prior to downloading.


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Quick2Do is a fairly simple to do list application. Quick2Do offers you a fast and simpler method of recording your to do list. Its automatic coloring feature helps you easily recognize your task priority and status. Quick2Do also allows you to sort your task entries based on entry sub-classes. Quick2Do constantly monitors the changes you have made to the list and reporting back the statistic of your list. All of these features not only give you convenient but also enable you to track your tasks more effectively.


Quick2Do sits on your system tray for easier access and viewing so it won't interfere with your other applications.


These are the features that come with Quick2Do:


          Automatic coloring for task priority and status.

          Auto-completion for easier and faster typing.

          Sorting capability based on entry sub-classes.

          Weblink capable.

          Multiple entry inserts.

          Allows to save entries in Text, CSV, HTML, Microsoft Excel*, and Microsoft Word*formats.

          Convenient statistic reporting.

          Easy printing.

          Sits on the system taskbar for easy access and viewing.



Whatís New


          New interface.

          New task-subclasses.

          Added capability to export to Ms Word* and Excel* formats.

          Selectable column to print/export.

          Add Click-OFF tool in the tray pop-up menu. You can quickly set your pc to hibernate, log-off, reboot, shutdown, or suspend.




* Requires the respective application to be installed.










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  Uninstall the previous version before installing Quick2Do.


  Use F2 key to edit when needed. This can be very helpful especially when there is a weblink in the entry.



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